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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 15:04

Within the project called "We bridge the barriers - we want to go to school", which we are implementing in cooperation with elementary and secondary schools from the Tuzla Canton area, for a competition that was opened to all pupils from the area of TK called "This is how I see my school accessible to all ", we received 57 works. It was very difficult to distinguish 12 works that will be rewarded with valuable prizes. All received works are very original, imaginative and offering a lot of interesting solutions, so we decided to reward them with nice prizes and all the other participants who applied, too. We will inform each participant individually about the place and date of the awards. We would like to thank everyone who sent their papers and who tried to think about the problems faced by young people with disabilities, and offered their solutions to solve the existing problems in educational institutions. Congratulations!

 12 best rated papers:

1 Ema Dizdarević IV razred Tuzla
2 Marina Krešić III razred Tuzla
3 Ernada Hodžić II razred Živinice
4 Ajdin Karić III razred Tuzla
5 Zukić Tahira VIII razred Vražići
6 Sead Fazlić II razred Čelić
7 Ismail Gluhić VI razred Tuzla
8 Melisa Šahbazović III razred Banovići
9 Jasmina Hadžimešanović II razred Tuzla
10 Asmir Ćorsuljić IV razred Tuzla

Selmedin Šećić IV razred
11 Šefika Mujić I razred Živinice
12 Sanina Bukvarević VI Pasci

Azra Bećirović VI

Nadir Hrnjić VI

Note: Group works (No. 10 and No.12) will be rewarded with one prize regardless of the number of participants.