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Thursday, 23 December 2010 15:00


The Citizens’ Association Nesto Vise currently has 107 members. Our members mainly come from the PeaceTrails community; however, since the association is constantly expanding its activities, membership is open and every new member is welcome.

The association’s staff wishes to maintain regular contact with their members in order to maintain and further develop quality life bonds, as well as start new activities and occasional gatherings of members. Members will be contacted on a regular basis for our database to always be current.

The creation of our new database is in progress and we would like to ask all our members to provide answers to questions they will soon receive. When the database is completed it will be posted on the Nesto Vise web page, so all members have access to it. We would also like to ask our members to report any changes to their information as soon as the change occurs (i.e. address, telephone, job etc).

How to become member of Association Nesto Vise?

According to the Nesto Vise Statute (article 8 – article 15) membership is voluntary and every BiH citizen can become a member. One becomes a NV member beginning the day he/she is registered as a member, after providing an accession statement and paying the membership fee for the current year. The association decides on annual membership at the beginning of every year, and the current annual membership fee is 20 KM. (twenty convertible marks). The membership fee is paid until the 31st of March of the latest calendar year, but can also be paid retroactively if agreed upon.

All beneficiaries of the association’s activities, as well as staff, should pay their membership fee unless they already done so.

You can check your status here:

file icon pdf Clanarine 20.06.2012.pdf

Membership fee is paid with a general deposit slip as following:

Purpose: Membership Fee for ______ (year)
Recepient: Udruženje građana Nešto Više, Sarajevo
Recepient account: 3060310000543882


We would like to thank all of our regular paying members!

In case you are not member of association, and you wish to become one, please send your membership request to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for further instructions

Rights and responsibilities of Association’s members  

  • Participate in the association's election process,
  • Participate in the association’s work,
  • Evaluate the work of the association’s bodies based on reports,
  • Instigate the issue of responsibility and call upon the association’s members
  • Be informed of the association’s work
  • Be present at all meetings of association’s members, give suggestions, ask questions,
  • Be entitled to certain rights and conveniences in accordance with the decisions of the association’s bodies and other documents of the association,
  • Ask for help and support from the association when dealing with social, health, education and other issues,
  • Enjoy benefits provided by the association or other bodies and institutions,
  • Act according to the regulations of this Statute,
  • Actively participate in achieving goals and executing tasks of the association,
  • Protect the reputation of the association.

 Additional Benefits for Association Members:

  • Each member will be provided with a permanent e-mail address @nestovise.org
  • Each member will be given access to an updated membership database for easier maintain of connections, and establishing potential business contacts etc.
  • Each member will be updated regularly regarding actions within the association, new projects and activities, member gatherings and other useful information such as opportunities for education, seminars and trainings, and employment through the web page or e-mail.
  • Each member will be given an opportunity to advertise his organization, company, or private business on the association’s web page free of charge.


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