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NDC_MoNansen Dialog Center (NDC) Mostar
NDC Mostar sees a future society in Mostar, Herzegovina and B&H as whole, as a society that offers equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of national, religious, political, gender, social background or affiliation, to quality and non-discriminating educational system based on respect for human rights; political environment that is democratic and open for all and to all citizens, groups and organisations; state institutions that are professional and oriented to offer best service to its beneficiaries and are capable to peacefully manage all conflicts in society by its own democratic mechanisms.
Partner on project Summer Internship for CSBSJU students in B&H (2011, 2012).
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Sunce_MOAssociation of parents and friends of people with special needs SUN Mostar
The mission of the organization is committment to increasing quality of life for people with special needs in fileds of health and social care, education, rehabilitation, employment, as well as increasing awarenes of our society about the needs of this population.
Through a variety of projects, Association offers services of day care, personal assistance, and independent living for adult people with special needs.
Partner on the project Summer Internship for CSBSJU students in B&H (2012).
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LosRosales_slikaCenter for children and youth with special needs  "LOS ROSALES" Mostar
Center is institution for education, upbringing, rehabilitation and socialization children and youth with handicap, aged 3 to 53. At the moment, in center there are 162 children with different level of handicap and their number continuously is rising. All children are supervised by 40 skilled employees. Center was built by AECI Spanish NGO “Architect and Engineers Without Borders”, official opening was on November 13th 2001, but center has worked since 1997. The center includes next segments: Kindergarten “Kolibri,” Primary school, Workshops: For wood “Maslacak” (“Dandelion”), For ceramics “Amfora,” For textile “Duga” (“Rainbow”), For floriculture “Oaza,” For framing pictures; Residential accommodation “Liman” for accommodation for 12 wards.
Partner on the project Summer Internship for CSBSJU students in B&H (2012).
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Zdravo_da_steHu Neighbour Youth Center Banja Luka
Association of citizens "Hi Neighbour" is a local,  non-governmental organisation, performing its activities in the area of Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina and within several regional initiatives. Activities of the organisation are realised trough the work of Community and Youth centres in Banja Luka and wide network of assistants who are organising various activities in their local communities. Organisation gathers a large number of volunteers who are mostly active in working with children and young people.
The main office of the organisation is located in Banja Luka. Organisational management is made of  "Hi Neighbour" Assembly, Managing Board and Executive director. Organisation has seven full time employed people.
Partner on the project Summer Internship for CSBSJU students in B&H (2012).
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okcYouth Communicative Center (OKC), Banja Luka
OKC is a non-governmental and non-profit organization in Banjaluka, founded with the goal of promoting civil society values and operating in local and regional levels. Through educational, volunteer, media, psycho-social and peace building activities, OKC contributes to the quality of life of youth, and development in a society of equal opportunities.
Partner on the projects Employment by volunteering – volunteer to employment (2010/11), Local Volunteer Service (2011/12), and Summer Internship for CSBSJU students (2012).
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SLIKA_CAZINACazin Municipality
Cazin Municipality is located in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It forms a constitutive part of Una-Sana Canton. Nowadays, Cazin has the population of over 70.000 people, territorially organized in to 33 local communities with the overall surface area of 356 km2 relative population density is approximately 197 inhabitants per 1 km2, what makes it one of the most densely populated municipalities within the Federation of B&H. The climate within this area is moderate continental climate with rather cold winters and warm summers. Cazin has good geo-traffic position as well. The proximity of border crossing Maljevac and Užljebić allows good communication with the Republic of Croatia and western European countries as well.
Partner on the project Improvement of heating system in Cazin municipality building (2012).
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BerkoviciBerkovići Municipality
Municipality Berkovići is located in south-east of Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It covers the surface of approximately 270 km2 and borders with municipalities: Nevesinje, Ljubinje, Stolac and Mostar. Municipality Berkovići has the population of about 4000 and has nine local communities: Hatelji, Berkovići, Strupići, Blaca, Ljuti Do, Hrgud, Dabrica, Trusina and Žegulja. Majority of the population lives in the inner part of the municipality where all public facilities and institutions are located, while fewer live in the surrounding villages. Municipality has about 300 employed persons, and significant number is employed in private sector. Analysis, thus far, have indicated that the area of municipality Berkovići holds significant natural resources for production of healthy food and drinks (growing fruits and vegetables, breeding cattle) that are still not sufficiently used.
Partner on the project Improvement of water supply system in Berkovići municipality (2012).
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posjeta_RavnomRavno Municipality
The municipality of Ravno was established after the Dayton Peace Accord under the Decision of Parliament of F, BiH. The municipality of Ravno is defined as a unit of local self-government and details of the organisation are contained within its Statute. It is located in the south of BiH, and has a surface area of 320 km2. According to recent estimates, Ravno has roughly 1,800 citizens. It is stretched along the Dubrovnik and Neum hinterlands, from Hutovo blato in the north-west to Konavli in the south-east, in the length of 80 km. It is bound by an international border to Croatia from the west and inter-entity boundary line to the RS in the east. The municipality of Ravno is an underdeveloped municipality with more than 90% of its population involved in agriculture in the Popovo Field. Over 90% of the population are of Croatian ethnicity. The major resource for development of agriculture is Popovo field, the same as in Ljubinje.
Partner on the projects Watermellon Production in Ljubinje and Ravno (2011/12), and Sustainable agricultural production of spring potatoes in Popovo polje (2012).
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LjubinjeLjubinje Municipality
The municipality of Ljubinje is located in the south of BiH, has the surface of 318.5 m2, and administratively belongs to the Republika Srpska. On the basis of the Constitutions of BiH and RS, the municipality of Ljubinje is defined as a unit of local self government and details of its organisation are contained within its Statute. The estimated number of citizens based on 1991 census is 4,172. Over 90% of the population are of Serbian ethnicity. The dominant economic activity is agriculture, e.g. fruit and vegetable production in the areas of the Popovo and Ljubinsko Fields. Considerable sources of income come from poultry farming as well. In early 2010 the municipality of Ljubinje is an underdeveloped small municipality with limited economic and social resources, faced with challenges of sustainable development in terms of its economic, demographic, social and administrative potential (http://strategija.webnode.com/news/kljucne-istorijske-cinjenice-vazne-za-identitet-ljubinja/).
Partner on the projects Watermellon Production in Ljubinje and Ravno (2011/12), and Covering the drainage channel of rainfall in city zone of Ljubinje (2012).
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